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Welcome 2013 Sponsors!

Posted on March 31, 2013 at 2:55 PM

I want to thank my returning sponsors and my new sponsors to MXgrrl Racing for 2013!

Main Sponsor:

Trend Millwork

Checker Flag Sponsors:

Bearing Construction

PM Promotions / Sunoco Race Fuel

The International Motorcycle Supershow

Utopia Goggles

Superior Suspension Settings (SSS)

LifeArc Coaching

Hudson's Motorcycles

Women's School of Motocross (WSMX)

Holeshot Sponsors:


Dead Fly Racing

Body By Bunner

Harrow Country Depot

FourArm Custom Graphics


CAW Local 444


Foam Frenzy

Superior Tool & Mold

R & D Powersports

Spartan Nutrition

Mr. Biggs Eatery

Supercoops X Racing


J & L Welding and Trailer Hitches

Munger Plumbing & Electric

Mid Century Classics

Holly Mayhew, RMT

OK Tire

Belle River Auto Centre

Keller Motors

Beachcomber Hot Tubs

Twin Oaks Towing

Tailored Solutions

Carbsport Sports Drinks


Works Connection

Rudy Mastronardi

Winter Update

Posted on March 31, 2013 at 2:35 PM

I was able to make a short trip down to Monster Mountain in Alabama for the Family day weekend.  It was great to get back on the bike and try out my 2013 KXF 250.  The trip went great, with sunny weather and adapting to the new bike.

I made another trip south to Georgia and Alabama over the March break.  I went to Monster Mountain again, Sand Mountain and the Georgia Practice Facility for some training with Josh Woods.  Another great trip with warm, sunny weather and some new skills to practice.

Check out a few pictures on the Photos page and a Trend Millwork Team video


Thanks to Greg of Dead Fly Racing for help supporting these trips, as well his mechanical abilities when I needed them.

I just posted my 2013 racing schedule on the Schedule page, if you want to come out and cheer me on.

I'm on the Trend Millwork / Pro Circuit / Kawasaki Race Team for 2013!

Posted on January 16, 2013 at 8:00 PM

I want to say thank you to Dave Muzzati for accepting me on the Trend Millwork / Pro Circuit / Kawasaki race team for 2013!

He is supporting me with a 2013 KXF 250.  I picked it up last week and am very excited to ride it!

Stay posted for my update of new sponsors for the 2013 season.

North American International Motorcycle Show in Toronto Jan. 3-6, 2013

Posted on January 16, 2013 at 7:50 PM

I was at the Motorcycle Supershow in early January.  Thanks to Peter Derry of the Motorcycle Supershow for sponsoring me a booth space!  It was a great experience, meeting some fast riders and industry experts.  Thanks to Kyle of DMX for including me with the MX Stars of Tomorrow activities of informative seminars and stage interviews.

The CMRC banquet was at the same location of the show on Jan. 4.  I received a plaque and embroidered sweatshirt for winning the High Point Series in the Ladies class.

I also recieved a Max Award put on by the Supershow for showing excellence in Women's Motocross.

It was a great weekend!

I'm in the October issue of the Motocross Performance magazine!

Posted on January 16, 2013 at 7:45 PM

Check out the October issue of the Motocross Performance magazine for three pictures, including a full page picture and brief paragraph under the "Exposed" section. Pages 70, 75 and 94.


M.M.R.S. National in Madoc, ON - Sept. 2

Posted on September 7, 2012 at 6:15 PM

Last weekend I headed out to the M.M.R.S National in Madoc, ON without realizing that it would be my biggest race of the year.

Practice was Friday and the race had one moto Saturday and one moto Sunday.  I signed up for two classes to make the day more interesting for me.  I adapted to the track unusually quick and felt great all day Friday. 

My first moto Saturday was the Vet 30+ B.  I had a good start and was second in the holeshot.  I wanted to get the holeshot award, but my 250cc couldn’t compete with the 450cc bikes. I managed to stay in second, with third place on my butt the entire race.  I found out after, the guy who won was actually an A rider.  Top three went to the podium, so I had a short interview where I mentioned my sponsors.

The reason this race ended up being important to me, was that the two girls that placed first in the Eastern Canadian Women’s National Championship and theTransCan Amateur National Championship both showed up.

In my first Ladies Pro race I didn’t get the best start and was around sixth place after the first corner.  I was able to get around two girls by the second lap and moved into third.  I managed to keep an eye on first and second place, but could not make a pass by the end of the moto.

On Sunday, I was in third after the holeshot in the Vet 30+ B class and stayed there for the entire race.  I ended up second overall in my first Vet 30+ B class!  I was happy with that.

My second Ladies Pro moto holeshot went better, since I was in second after the first corner.  As we were approaching the halfway mark of the first lap, the girl in first slid out just as she was approaching a double jump.  That put me in first!  I had to keep my head together and ride smart to stay in first place. Somehow I managed to do that without anyone getting too close to me and I won the moto and the overall!  I was so excited, since I was waiting for a race like this all year!  All the hard work I put in this year, just paid off.  I now feel confident for next year to do even better. 

It was really cool to be on the podium for all my races and have the opportunity to do interviews and mention my sponsors each time.

For the rest of the year, I will be doing some races to finish up a couple Series and work on getting sponsors for next season.


TransCan Amateur National Championship - Aug. 15-19

Posted on September 7, 2012 at 4:10 PM

I headed to the biggest race of the year to the TransCan Canadian Amateur Nationals Tuesday, Aug. 14. 

I had two practices Wednesday.  Racing started Thursday with one moto each day for a three moto format.  The track was in nice shape for our first moto.  I had a decent holeshot and was able to make my way to first by the end of the first lap.  I felt really good for the next four laps with a small lead on second place.  I felt the pressure as second place started closing the gap and managed to pass me on the 65ft natural double that I haven’t managed to jump yet.  She was gaining on me every lap at this jump. With less than half a lap to go, I couldn’t get pass her before the finish.  I really thought I could win the moto, but was disappointed that I didn’t jump the natural double or win.  A podium interview followed where I mentioned my sponsors.

I felt confident going into the second moto, but was a little farther back in the holeshot.  I was getting tired quicker, since there were many more ruts on the track tiring me out. I was able to work myself up to second place by the end of the moto.  Another podium interview followed.

For the third moto, I knew I really needed to get a good holeshot, so I wouldn’t tire myself trying to get around other riders.  We did a few modifications to the bike to make my bike faster out of the gate.  To my disappointment, I had my worst holeshot of the week and fought my way up to fourth place by the time the race was over.  The bike was quite a bit faster than usual and startled me a bit out of the gate. 

I ended up with a second place overall with an awards ceremony on Saturday.  I received a trophy taller than myself and some really cool stuff from Jolene VanVugt.  She is on the Nitro Circus videos and TV show if you have heard of it.  I was disappointed I didn’t win the overall, but I have drastically improved my speed in the last year and my fourth place finish from the last TransCan.  I am happy about that.  Now I really want to win next year.  I will be focusing on jumping the natural double and gaining speed, as well as gaining more sponsors and funding for nexty ear to compete with the top contenders.


Sand Del Lee Women's National - Aug. 11

Posted on August 12, 2012 at 6:40 PM

We headed to Sand Del Lee in Richmond, ON friday morning with pouring rain most of the way.  Then it rained all night.

It didn't look good. It was being considered to postpone this last Women's National race to Sunday because of the muddy track conditions.  But it was decided to race Saturday.  I had been looking forward to riding some fast motos at this track, but my focus was to get a good start and stay on two wheels.

I did manage a good start and was third by the second corner and then fell over in the third. I spent the rest of the race catching up to fourth place.  If I had some more laps, I could have done even better. 

I was sitting in 3rd in the Women's National Series with one point behind second place. In that first moto I finished one position behind her.  At that point I needed to finish at least two positions ahead of her to finish second in the series.  I needed to do better in the second moto.

In the second moto, I was third in the start and stayed in third the rest of the moto.  I took third overall for the day.  The top three received really cool snowboard trophies again and some purse money.

I finished second overall in the Women's National Series.  I also earned Rookie of the Year that included a cheque.

I am very happy how this series turned out and am now looking forward to the Canadian Amateur Nationals this coming week in Walton,ON.


Ste. Julie Women's National - July 21

Posted on August 12, 2012 at 5:30 PM

Last weekend we headed out to Ste. Julie, QC for the second round of the Eastern Women’s Nationals, with great weather all weekend.

Considering everything was in French, things were a bit confusing.  Luckily, I knew a couple girls from the area who spoke great English, so everything went smoothly.

The day started out with little track maintenance, which led to poor racing conditions.  The track ended up hard and slick, with little traction.  This made it difficult to pass in most corners.

I was top ten in my first moto holeshot and proceeded to finish 7th.  In the second moto, my holeshot was a bit worse and I struggled to pass riders throughout the race.  I finished 8th, for a 7th overall.  Considering the motos were not the normal 20 minutes long, I know I could have passed more riders if the race was longer.  I barely got tired.

It wasn’t really what I was expecting, but considering it was my first time riding the track, I did okay.  The local girlsdefinitely had the advantage and prevailed.

I am looking forward to the last round at Sand Del Lee (close to Ottawa) on Aug.11.  I have raced on the track before and have done well, so I know I can do much better in the next round.  I will aim to get another podium finish.

Iam now sitting in 3rd place in the series points, with one point behind 2nd.  I believe that I can move into 2nd at the next race.

Until then, I am working on my endurance and cornering speed to be better prepared.


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